Friday, April 13, 2012

Does "Worrying" mean you are more intelligent?

Go to the following link and read the article:

After reading the article, post the following :
1.  Write your name
2.  Summarize what the article was about.
3.  How did scientists set up this experiment to get the results they did?
4.  What were their findings?

Up to 3 bonus points are available if you complete this assignment.  The amount of points awarded will be determined by evidence of your efforts.  Good Luck!

Now it's your turn!!!!!

So what's going on in science this week? 
1.  Scan the net for a science current event that has been reported within the last week.
2.  Create a posting with the following:
           A.  The link to the article
           B.  A summary of what the article was about (must be at least 2 paragraphs)
           C.  Please remember to include your name!

Bonus points will be awarded for thoughtful work!  I get to be the judge as to what is thoughtful!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Is It Time to Embrace Pink Slime? - The Atlantic

Is It Time to Embrace Pink Slime? - The Atlantic

After reading this article, how does this make you feel about the things you are eating?  Will you change what you eat?  IN ORDER TO GET ANY POINTS, YOU MUST EXPLAIN THE AUTHOR'S POINT OF VIEW, AND WHETHER OR NOT YOU AGREE WITH IT!!!!